Saturday, September 17, 2016

Burlesque Follies! Athens!

I´ve never been to Athens. I´ve been to a bunch of Greek islands and Parga but never Athens, and it´s been my dream for years. I probably have a very romantic idea about the city but as I love history this place holds me intrigued.

I now have the possibility to go AND take my kit off as well! La Dandizette, whom I met at the Vienna Boylesque festival in 2014 is having both me and Dick over and I´m OVER THE MOON! I get to both see the Acropolis and teach a workshop PLUS perform so if you´re in town this weekend be sure to join us for the fun <3

Poster magic: Nefeli Tsalta

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Harvest Moon Burlesque

This Friday the Pikku Hanhi-club in Lahti will host burlesque again! On stage: Frank Doggenstein, Nancy Bites and Gigi Praline!
Hosted by Dick Tator & stage kitten duties by Dolly Poupée

Tickets are 10e and on sale already at the venue so grab yours!Showtime is at 8pm!
More info here!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sir Willy Waterlily

This week has been one of the roughest I can remember. On Monday-night I received a phonecall that my dear friend and the amazing artist Sir Willy Waterlily had been in a serious car accident and was in the hospital - the doctors gave little hope.
He passed away on Tuesday afternoon.

I got to say goodbye to him and the reality of the whole thing is slowly sinking in - he really is gone from this world. I´ve cried and sorted his things (he lived at our farm for 2 months this Summer), talked to friends and his family. He touched *so many* on so many levels. He was an artist, a colleague, a brother, an idol, a lover, a friend, an isnpiration to som amny people.
I´m glad we went on that two-hour-long walk last Saturday and spent the night making tacos and watching a silly film. I´m glad I hugged him on Sunday and told him thanks... -and I´m glad I told him many times over I loved him.

I´ve been going through things in my head that Mikael taught me, because over the years he helped me with so much! From mixing my music to ideas about my numbers, he was my gardner (for realz, I´m lost without him now because I can´t tell a rose from a weed) my confidant and partner on stage.

You will be missed, my friend. Not just by me and hubby but everyone. I know you´re still here reading over my shoulder so I hope you´ve seen all the amazing memories people share about you.

Fly high, dearest and see you on the other side <3

Like you wrote on that pic you gave me:

Your Gigi

Friday, August 26, 2016

Sparkling High Heels in Athens!


One more month to go and me and Dick Tator will be taking Athens by storm :) I´ve never been to there and it´s been a dream of mine. I love Greece <3
Remember to sign up for my workshop and then later the same night (Sunday 2nd of October) we will be shaking our tail feathers with La Dandizette at Faust, hosted by Dick!

Sparkling High Heels (2h): A combo of Gigi´s workshops! The 2,5h workshop include a short history of burlesque, a warm up, basic high heel knowledge (both theory and practise) to become friends with those fantastic shoes, fun excersises to boost your confidence & balance using boas and gloves plus an easy dance coreo!

Info to workshop here!

Original pic by JIRINA

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Burleskitanssin viikkotunnit jatkuvat jälleen kesätauon jälkeen! Sunnuntai-iltana (18-19) on mahdollisuus kokeilla, -ja vielä tarjoushintaan! mistä on kyse Mueve!-studiolla Lahdessa ja viikkotunnit jatkuvat alkeistasolla jälleen ensi tiistaista lähtien. Muistathan aina ILMOITTAUTUA tunneille klo 12 mennessä samana päivänä että tunnit pidetään! Ilmoittautuminen on helppoa ja kätevää seuraavan linkin kautta:

Lisäksi maanantai-iltaisin sheikataan tuttuun tapaan Studio Shangri-La:ssa Lauttasaaressa jossa minä ja Pepper jatkamme alkeisjatko-tason tunteja. Aloitamme kuitenkin kertaamalla joten mukaan voi tulla vaikka olisit täysin uusi! Tunnit pidetään Vattuniemenkatu 15B, 2 krs. klo 18-19!

Toivottavasti nähdään treeneissä <3

Photo: Milla Kouhia

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Syksyn burleskitanssitunnit alkavat jälleen! Mikäli mietit mistä on kyse, käy lukemassa lyhyt esittely tästä blogista tai tule tutustumaan tunneille!

Helsingissä jatkuvat alkeisjatko-tunnit maanantaisin klo 18-19 Studio Shangri-La:n tiloissa Lauttasaaressa, opettajina minä ja Pepper Sparkles. Voit hyvin tulla mukaan vaikket olisi aiemmin kokeillut sillä aloitamme kertauksella.

Lahdessa jatkuvat sheikkailut tanssistudio Mueve!n tiloissa tiistaisin klo 20-20.50. Jos olet Lahden seudulta tule ensi lauantaina 13.8 kurkkaamaan esiintyvän ryhmämme The Muevettes! menoa Nuorelassa.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kuopio ROCK!

Tomorrow we (as in hubster, myself, Tinker Bell and her hubs) are flying bright and early to Scotland for 10 days of kilts, whiskey and such. A HOLIDAY, that is! (well-deserved at it, too)

At the end of this month me, Miss Acrolicious and Sandy Jungle will shake our tailfeathers at the Kuopio RockCock VIP-tent so if you´re in the hoods do come see us, we will be there all weekend!

Link here!